DJ Profiles

Thomas Kramm

Name: Thomas Kramm

Tom is a self proclaimed hip hop snob. Tom has a passion for Minnesota’s underground hip-hop scene and can often times be found out at 1st Avenue or browsing new records at The 5th Element. His father was in a band his entire childhood and music simply became a way of life in the Kramm household.  With over 100+ successful weddings under his belt, though he is new with Instant Request, his reputation in the industry is indisputable. Whether it is a trendy wedding at a hip new venue with a club atmosphere, a rustic barn wedding with plenty of good ol’ country twang, or a traditional wedding full of the classic hits, Tom knows how to deliver an experience that is second to none and always has a way of leaving clients with a smile. When not DJing  Tom Loves spending time with his 2 amazing daughters.