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What the Pros are Saying

Instant Request is by far the most professional, polished and genuinely polite DJ service I have worked with

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What the Pros are Saying

Ambiente Wedding & Event Planning

– Joan Nilsen
Instant Request is by far the most professional, polished and genuinely polite DJ service I have worked with in years of wedding and event planning. My brides & grooms and their wedding guests have felt the same. Their state of the art technology for online selection is what sets them apart from all others. It is a pleasure referring clients to a business I know is going to treat my clientele with the utmost respect. The best part is they are helping couples plan for their Wedding Day with fabulous music!

Argente’ Photographie

– Kristin & Christopher Prideaux
When our clients tells us that they have hired Instant Request as their DJ service, we know they made a great choice. We are confident that the event will be handled professionally and everyone will have a blast dancing the night away. Here are a few reasons why we like to work with Instant Request:
The DJs always help make the reception run as smooth as possible. Maintaining a timeline is very important to us as photographers. It ensures we can capture all of those can’t miss moments before we leave.
Their elegant lighting is awesome for photos! The music is exactly what YOU want. Being able to browse their music library online and save your favorite songs is so cool and convenient. We have clients with very diverse musical taste from jazz to hip hop, country to punk rock, and Instant Request can cover it all. If you have some crazy song you want to hear and they don’t have it – they go out and get it for you!
Our clients always love working with Instant Request. They make the wedding day less stressful and tons of fun. I can’t say enough about how highly I regard Instant Request’s level of service.

By Your Side Weddings

– Angie Swits
I cannot say enough good things about Instant Request and their DJs. I have worked with them in the past and they never fail to be not only professional, but also extremely adept at getting a party started. I am continually impressed with how their DJs can handle every situation and keep people dancing all night long.
I always look forward to working with Instant Request.

Ceremonies by Starr

– Rev. Tairie Starr
It is quite a privilege to work with a couple of professionals, like you have with the Instant Request DJs. Their expertise in playing ceremony music is flawless! Really!

Coppersmith Photography

– Amy & Matthew Coppersmith
As a photographer, the biggest factor in being able to take great photos of people dancing, is when the DJ is able to keep people out on the dance floor having fun. Without this extremely important detail, the only dance images we could capture would be of an empty room. Instant Request DJs have never disappointed us in keeping people dancing. They know what music to play and also what not to play to keep guests happy. I recommend them to all my clients.

Dan Magnuson Studios

A referral is an earned privilege. When you have Instant Request at your wedding you can be confident that you have hired a true entertainment professional. Shawn and his staff do a great job!

Dietrich Gesk Photography

Instant Request is by far my favorite disc jockey company around. I highly recommend them to all my clients. From the professionalism of Shawn and his staff, to the superb music and style of their DJs, Instant Request is able to accommodate any age group or genre without being typical or generic. Five stars for Instant Request.

Flint Images

– James Flint
We are always happy when we hear that we’ll be working together with the DJs at Instant Request. Their professionalism, their sense of timing, and their upbeat personalities ensure that there will be a lot of great moments for us to photograph throughout the night, and that the newly married couple will have a wedding reception they’ll always remember!

Greg Jansen Photography

I’m always thrilled to hear Instant request is going to be the DJ at a wedding. They are punctual, courteous, and professional. I know that all the scheduled events will happen on time. They work will with the other vendors to assure a smooth and stress-free reception.


– Jennifer Johnson
Instant Request is the most professional and classy DJ service there is in the business. In fact they are the ONLY DJ service that we recommend to our clients because they are professional, honest, and reliable.
When we book our clients with Instant Request we know they are going to walk away after their reception with the satisfaction that everyone had a great time.

Jacki V Photography

I am so happy when I get to a reception and see a DJ from Instant Request there. I know I can relax, knowing the couple is in good hands. I’ve done too many weddings where other DJs seem to think the reception is their personal show. They talk over the music all night, mangle the couple’s last name, or play songs the couple has said they don’t want. With Instant Request, I know the couple’s celebration will run smoothly and be stress-free for them.

Mi Mi Design

– Amy Fuerstenberg
Instant Request has been awesome to work with. They are a fabulous addition to any wedding, both in their professionalism and personalities.

Northern Lights Video

– Jeffrey Fuchs
It is always a pleasure to work with Instant Request. They are always friendly and the Djs do a great job each and every time. Plus, they help me do a better job for my clients. I highly recommend Instant Request!

Philip J. Peikes Photography

I photograph many weddings, and see many DJs and bands. Instant Request has always been a pleasure to work with and have been the best in providing the right type of music entertainment in the most professional manor.

Premier Planning Services, Inc.

– Rita Swanson
Since I began working with Instant Request in 2000, they have consistently delivered the best DJ service in the Twin Cities wedding industry. Their DJs are professional, flexible and well trained. I am always confident we will not run into timing or sound issues. I never hesitate to recommend them to any of my clients.

Princess Bride Cinematic Videography

– Carl and Sarah Anderson
We have worked with Instant Request at countless events for many years. Every single Instant request DJ we have ever worked with has been top notch! They set the standard for professionalism and excellence in the Twin Cities disc jockey entertainment industry.

Serendipity Photography

– Jennifer Alcorn Wheeler
I work with Instant Request quite often, and am always impressed by their professionalism and ability to read a crowd. They make sure that their clients and guests have a great time at every event. They have been accommodating to us as fellow vendors, as well as to our mutual clients. I can confidently give a positive recommendation when my clients are considering Instant Request as their DJ company.

The Traveling Photo Booth

– Jacob & Matt
Instant Request is far above the rest in every way. Jacob has hired them for his own wedding!

United Video, Inc.

– Barry Peterson
I have worked with the staff at Instant Request for over 10 years now. They have always shown the highest level of professionalism in dealing with their clients. Their DJs are well trained and have been incomparably consistent in providing top notch service. I would not hesitate to recommend them as your choice for DJ services.

Vick Photography

– Andrew Vick
My favorite partnership the day of the wedding is getting to compliment the creative DJs at Instant Request. As soon as they see the wedding party and camera enter the room, they introduce themselves and are proactive about giving us cues for the reception. They know and understand just how important the photography at the event is to the bride and groom and truly want it to be an unforgettable party. In addition, their lights make for those goose bump images every bride dreams up since she was a little girl dancing on her daddy’s feet.
At one wedding, Vick Photography received a unique request to coordinate a slideshow for the wedding; images ranging from the couple’s engagement shoot, the golf outing we shot the day before, and also a peek at the shots taken on the actual day of the wedding. We worked the night before the wedding to per-arrange some fun highlights. During the cocktail hour, one of us edited favorite moments from the wedding day and ceremony, and got it ready for presentation at the reception. Instant Request was working the event with us and they came up with the home run idea of the day. They offered to pull some tracks from the couple’s customized play list, transfer if to their portable recorder they had on hand, and plug it into the PA system for the audience to hear while the slideshow ran.
When the last picture faded from the screen, there was not a dry eye in the place. All thanks to Instant Request’s creative drive to make weddings absolutely unforgettable and personable! The Best.

Wendy Woods Photography

It’s a pleasure for us to photograph any wedding where Instant Request is providing the entertainment. Their timing, song selection, and gracious professionalism are top notch.