Twin Cities Wedding DJ – Thinking of an iPod DJ?

Wedding receptions are expensive! When it comes to planning a reception,
the most common concern is slimming down the budget. A trend that’s becoming
more common as a way to save some money, is to use an iPod for the dance,
rather than hiring a DJ service. Though it will save money, here’s a few
questions to consider:

1.) Who will make announcements throughout the reception to keep the night moving, and guests informed?
2.) If a song clears everyone off the dance floor, who will read the crowd to bring them back?
3.) If the iPod fails, what is the backup?
4.) You have the music, but what will you use for dance floor lighting?
5.) You might have the music, but who’s providing the sound system?
6.) If a guest doesn’t know how to use the microphone for a toast, who will assist them?
7.) Who’s stopping a rogue guest from changing songs on your iPod?
8.) What is the one thing everyone talks about a remembers from a reception? The Dance!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Trust a professional to make sure it goes flawlessly!

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